Restaurants & grocery stores

  • Food rite grocery stores 731-253-7338
  • Fred’s super dollar stores 731-253-6549
  • Dollar general stores 731-253-9633
  • Maverick gas station 731-253-8264
  • Little general marthon gas station 731-253-7023

Fast food & Restaurants

  • Sherry’s kuntry kupboard 731-253-0500
  • God father’s pizza 731-253-8264
  • Subway 731-253-7338
  • Pit barbecue 731-253-8600
  • The boat house restaurant 731-538-2803
  • Dairy queen 731-253-6311
  • Bluebank fish house and grill 731-538-2112
  • Stump jumpers bar and grill 731-253-8777
  • Lakeview dining room 731-253-7516

Nearby Attractions

Discovery Park of America
877-885-5455 or 731-885-5455
[email protected]

Open Tuesday – Sunday
10 am – 5 pm
The centerpiece of Discovery Park is Discovery Center, a 100,000-square-foot building showcasing ten exhibit galleries: Children’s Exploration, Energy, Enlightenment, Military, Native Americans, Natural History, Regional History, Science/Space/Technology, and Transportation. In addition, a Special Exhibit Gallery features traveling exhibits.

Discovery Center’s multi-story atriums are filled with exhibits that invite visitors to open their minds to a greater understanding and appreciation of our world…past, present and future. Highlights include:

  • A theater simulation of the 1811-12 earthquakes that shaped the land in this region as well as a planetary tour in the starship theater.
  • A 20,000-gallon aquarium revealing the underwater life of Reelfoot Lake.
  • A 60-foot replica of a human body with a 30-foot slide.
  • Dinosaurs, fossils, Native American artifacts, military equipment, vintage automobiles, and dozens more hands-on experiences for children.

STEM Landing & Obion County Gallery
“STEM is the new buzzword in education,” Wildes said. “So we wanted our newest exhibit to really focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The space program and aeronautics were a natural fit for a STEM exhibit,” Wildes added. The most amazing feature of the new exhibit – STEM Landing is the huge dome that looks like the moon has landed on the Earth. Inside the giant sphere, guests will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with two rocket engines, a Titan II nose-cone and a space shuttle tire. The exhibit has three large models of a Lunar Orbiter, a Gemini Capsule and an X-33 Space Plane. There are also several display cases full of artifacts. Perhaps the most entertaining and engaging feature of the new exhibit is the helicopter simulator. “Guests can climb in and feel like they are flying a real helicopter,” according to Robert Pardue, who was involved in designing and building the simulator. “The entire experience will last around seven minutes. It is very interactive and we think our guests will love it,” he added. Outside the moon globe, the Blue Angels airplane currently gets top billing. There is also a crawler-transporter tread “foot,” and an F-84A Thunder jet is coming soon. Wildes says there is work in progress to acquire a Titan 1 Rocket. Discovery Center also includes a Grand Hall with space for meetings and social events for groups of approximately 300 people, as well as a Tower Room that accommodates about 70 people